Friday, July 31, 2015

Closing the deal...

(Started this post a couple of weeks back. Completing it now).

Lesson learned on closing a deal while you can. Had been shopping for some home improvement stuff for some time now. Finally, after all the searches and researches, had short-listed 2 choices - Preference #1 - Item X (Apple) from Store A; Preference #2 - Item Y (Orange) from Store B.

Apple was to cost almost twice as much as Orange but it was probably worth it. It would have been a longer running project as well but I had made up my mind to go with Apple.

So I go to Store A, negotiate a deal, agree to come back the next day to pay and pickup the stuff. Next day comes, I go to this place, with my checkbook to pay for the materials. Checkbook because he was to offer me an additional discount to pay by check instead of credit card. However, now he wants to get approval form his manager who is not around. Says he will call me in a couple of hours.

Couple of hours go by, no call. That evening I just go to store B, pay for the stuff....with my credit card and get home a truck full of Oranges. Next morning get a call from Store A asking to come pickup the Apples at the agreed upon price....but it was too late.

Project started the next day and completed 2 days later with Oranges spread across the whole house and it came out quite well too.

Looking back, it was silly on their part to not close the deal when they had the chance. They lost my business and I lost out on my first choice. I probably was too small a fish for them to move quickly on....but if it were me, I wouldn't lose out on a customer however big I get. The small little holes are what eventually end up sinking the ship, at a business that you own and run...or at the job that you work at from 9 to 6.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 week plan....Continued

No junk month and a half - part 2 - extended through end of August. Similar restrictions, similar goals. 

Results from part 1 - Did quite OK for the most part. Had some lapses - vacations, trips, etc. But overall was quite a healthy phase. Stats as they stand now: 7, 185, 6, 2. Stats to shoot for: 10, 180, 6/n, 2/w.

EDIT - 7/31 - Strike whatever's been posted. Been a lousy few weeks. Busy at home, work, plus a few more excuses. Suspending till next weekend. Will start over after 1st week of Aug.