Saturday, October 20, 2012

Padmini....O Padmini

Speaking about iPadmini, for those who bump into this blog and don't get the reference, it used to be one of TWO Car models sold in India for many decades. We used to own a Padmini back in the day, when I was young; back in the day when I did not have grays; back in the day when I did not have a pot belly; back in the day when I...umm I digress.

Disclaimer: (wifey, please read)Don't know the chick in the pick. It's just the first pic I found when googling for it

So, I have some memories of this Premier Padmini.....
- It was probably one of the first cars I drove after getting my Driver's License.
- The hood once popped open and splat back onto the windshield once when driving on a highway.
- The steering wheel once came out in my hand while driving down the road.
- Its gas tank almost fell off when driving on a interstate highway.
- We changed its paint from black to white.
- And finally.....Me and my best bud spent a night in the car in the company of mosquitoes once when it broke down in the middle of the night.

Even to this day, when a mosquito bites me, I first get mad at him, get ready to swat him and then I forgive him because he was not nearly as bad as those mosquitoes that night.

Dear Padmini,

I loved you but I won't say I have missed you.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stop the Press!! This just in!!!!

I just found out that India's top automobile company - Premier Automobiles Limited, and the dominant force in tablets, phones and iEverything are teaming up to come up with the next hottest tablet bonanza - iPadmini!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I love you.

I can come here whenever I want. I can post whatever crap I want. I can even choose to not post anything at all!

But you are here, whenever I choose to come

No pressure, nothing to catch up on, no pageviews targets to aim for, no one to impress.

I really do love you.

I have been cheating on you.

I have been trying my hand at being "Social"

GOOGLE PLUS.............
I tried Google Plus. Was pretty refreshing at first...but my enthusiasm and interest soon faded away. Did not like it. It almost felt like a marketplace where people are trying to sell their wares. Also did not help that none of the folks I knew and had in my circles had anything to do with Google Plus. So it was either DRY (of any personal connections) or FLOODED (with self promos).

So long Google Plus but I may have to break up with you one of these days.

A few days back I thought about trying out Twitter. Had an account (hailshapes) for a while now that I was using to sign up for junk. I cleaned it up the other day and tried posting.

Posting on Twitter, I was able to. I kinda like posting there. Short, pointed tweets that I can post and refer to in the future. What I don't get is....if someone starts following me, will it make any sense to them at all.

Following folks on Twitter was a nightmare. Either I don't know the right folks/feeds to follow. Or I just don't belong to this Twitter generation. I login to twitter when I have something to tweet. Again the same is either DRY or FLOODED.

Just can't keep up.

Aha! Folks either like it or hate it. I had a facebook account too.

I had a Facebook account for a long time. The one I used to sign up for spam, sweepstakes and stuff in between.

What I did not have was a Facebook account for Shailesh Pai. Not until I a few of months back when I finally decided to create an account, my account.

I got a bunch of "Friend" request over the next few weeks and whenever I logged in, I started accepting them. I still don't get idea of Be-friending on facebook, Liking something, Poking someone, etc. Well, I get it but I still don't get the idea behind it.

Will it be rude if I did not like a Friend's kid's pic but I liked some other Friend's wife's birthday party pic? Will my Father Friend be offended that I Liked the Husband Friend but not him?

What if I did not accept a Friend request from a guy in office but I BeFriended my boss? Does it make me a brown-noser?

I just can't handle the pressure.

Not trying to be a smartass either. Of all three of my mistresses, I like Facebook the best...I just don't think I like it enough.

However, I rather spend my time on Slickdeals and Reddit than any of the three above.

And then of course, I have you, my blog.

I love you,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you think someone carefully planned this one?

Found this while surfing Reddit earlier today. Did not check the post to see the background but wonder whether someone actually planned this event...