Saturday, October 20, 2012

Padmini....O Padmini

Speaking about iPadmini, for those who bump into this blog and don't get the reference, it used to be one of TWO Car models sold in India for many decades. We used to own a Padmini back in the day, when I was young; back in the day when I did not have grays; back in the day when I did not have a pot belly; back in the day when I...umm I digress.

Disclaimer: (wifey, please read)Don't know the chick in the pick. It's just the first pic I found when googling for it

So, I have some memories of this Premier Padmini.....
- It was probably one of the first cars I drove after getting my Driver's License.
- The hood once popped open and splat back onto the windshield once when driving on a highway.
- The steering wheel once came out in my hand while driving down the road.
- Its gas tank almost fell off when driving on a interstate highway.
- We changed its paint from black to white.
- And finally.....Me and my best bud spent a night in the car in the company of mosquitoes once when it broke down in the middle of the night.

Even to this day, when a mosquito bites me, I first get mad at him, get ready to swat him and then I forgive him because he was not nearly as bad as those mosquitoes that night.

Dear Padmini,

I loved you but I won't say I have missed you.



  1. Hahaha... those are sweet memories, though they seem ridiculous in hindsight!
    I've had a couple of memories too...
    - Having to hit the starter motor with a hammer, to get it cranked.
    - Once on the highway, the engine just wouldn't accelerate. Opening the bonnet I realized, that the mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal and the carburetor had disconnected :-)

  2. The article is so with beautiful picture i love them thanks for sharing