Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sore nipples...

Been getting some sore nipples lately. Need to do some Googling on how to prevent/minimize them. (Hey moms, I can empathize with you now...)

Also, been getting some sore feet. Trying to switch gear. Need to go get some fitting done. Maybe after I cross 10m?

Last couple of times, got some sore throat too. Need to eat some before, change what I eat before or a combination of the two. Seemed like reflux.

Been doing good so far. Week 1 can be checked off!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

6 week plan

No junk month and a half - Through end of June, stay away from: candies, ice creams, chips, sugary sweets, cakes, pastries, puffs, anything overly sweet, deep fried stuff, diet sodas, late night junk-eating, etc. Publishing this here to keep me honest. Will post back end of June....or sooner if I give up on it. Other stats to shoot for: >8, <180, 6/n, 2/w

Monday, May 11, 2015

Smelly memories...

First rain of the season - the smell of the soil; the earth thanking the sky for hydrating her after a long hot summer

Juhis, champas, chamelis, mogras - the fragrance that fill up the chaos under the bridges & outside the railway stations

Wadas, bhajis, samosas - the smells that call you; from the stall to the stomach via the nose in 3 seconds flat

Camphor burns, sandalwood, vibhuti - temples at every other corner; feeling religious; thinking of Him

Marigolds - sea of marigolds, roses, jasmine - a wedding every other week; grandeur; largesse, people, lots of people

Unburnt oil, burnt diesel, gasoline & sulphur - autos, buses, scooters and trucks; traffic that kills, the speed that thrills

Banana chips, bondas, coconut chutney, coconut oil heating up - makes me hungry, saturated fat/whatevurated fat, whatever

Smells of lake water, bhel, patties, horseshit - wanna row row row the boat, eat, ride the tonga, walk around the lake

Green leafy veggies, onions, pineapples, cilantro, lime - walk by the sabzi mandi, haggle, buy, bag - from the farm to the fridge

Smells, fragrances, stenches, aromas - Memories that can't be captured with a lens but can forever stay with you...?

(Hmmm...need to file a patent for smellera - smell camera....may be on to something here!)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Passing by...

Come, do, change, go.
Share, care, compare,
Like, love, impact,
Trust, betray,
Passing by,
Hi, Goodbye,
Thank you, sorry, please,
When, how, what, why,
Wealth, health,
Save, spend,
Earn, burn,
Passing by,
Live, like, love,
Procreate, carry, raise,
Learn, teach, instill, train,
Hope, wish, wonder,
Wave them bye,
Passing by,
Short, gloom,
Dark, night, bright,
Dawn, dusk, sunset,
Move, shake, change,
Begin, middle, end,
Start, over, again,
Passing by,