Monday, May 11, 2015

Smelly memories...

First rain of the season - the smell of the soil; the earth thanking the sky for hydrating her after a long hot summer

Juhis, champas, chamelis, mogras - the fragrance that fill up the chaos under the bridges & outside the railway stations

Wadas, bhajis, samosas - the smells that call you; from the stall to the stomach via the nose in 3 seconds flat

Camphor burns, sandalwood, vibhuti - temples at every other corner; feeling religious; thinking of Him

Marigolds - sea of marigolds, roses, jasmine - a wedding every other week; grandeur; largesse, people, lots of people

Unburnt oil, burnt diesel, gasoline & sulphur - autos, buses, scooters and trucks; traffic that kills, the speed that thrills

Banana chips, bondas, coconut chutney, coconut oil heating up - makes me hungry, saturated fat/whatevurated fat, whatever

Smells of lake water, bhel, patties, horseshit - wanna row row row the boat, eat, ride the tonga, walk around the lake

Green leafy veggies, onions, pineapples, cilantro, lime - walk by the sabzi mandi, haggle, buy, bag - from the farm to the fridge

Smells, fragrances, stenches, aromas - Memories that can't be captured with a lens but can forever stay with you...?

(Hmmm...need to file a patent for smellera - smell camera....may be on to something here!)

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