Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Cubmaster...

This is a silhouette of Mr. Cubmaster. Great guy he is. Super friendly, very knowledgeable and always ready to help anyone with anything scouting. He has worked very hard over the last few years to make his pack a successful forum for all Cub Scouts new and old. He also makes some killer blueberry cobbler on his dutch oven over the coal.

This will be his last year with the pack. He will be moving on with kid to the Boy Scout troop from next year. He is an inspiration for others to be more involved in the activities in their neighborhood. His presence and leadership will be missed.

Thank you Mr. Cubmaster!

If you have the time, inclination, enthusiasm, etc., consider exploring he boy scout/girl scout/cub scout activities in your area. You may like what you find!

Gone Carving...

Carved a jack-o-lantern again this year with the kiddos. Nothing special at all 2 eyes, a nose, some teeth and a couple of fangs on an extra large pumpkin. Way too many candies this year - both leftovers and bounties brought in by the monsters. Cavities, come and get me!!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

En Why See

Was in downtown New York a couple of weeks back after many many years. Reminded me of Bombay and how much I miss it sometimes. I'm not sure if I could ever commute 3 hours a day between work and home but that city energizes you like no other. Had a really great time there. Was too short of a trip. Some day, I need to go out somewhere on a discovery trip...

Where downtown is less than an hour away....

Had been to downtown around a month back. Spent a few minutes walking around and clicking with my iphone. I should go back there with more time in this hand and a camera in the other...

Gone Beaching....

Went to the beach with the folks a couple of weeks back and we had a really great time. This beach has one of the silkiest sands you can lay your feet on and it's 30 minutes from home and we rarely go out there.

Seems like a pattern for the night - Count your blessings, Cherish what you have, Do more of what you like doing!

Gone biking....

Must be thankful for where we live, work and play...
The water is never more than a few miles away.

Got a chance to bike a bit last week and today. Pics below from the hour and half between the two rides.

Temptation #1....Should I???

Temptation #2....Should I????

A bridge that connects two towns...

Don't be afraid to look into the'll never know what you'll find!

Validates the fact that I need to be out more often!

Gone camping, back with More...

Had gone camping this weekend with the kiddo and it made me realize a few things. Little things that matter much (not in any particular order)


- I need to spend more time with the kiddo
- I like being outdoors and need to spend more time out there
- I need to make find more time to volunteer
- I love photography and I must carry my camera with me more often
- I need to lose more weight
- I need to leave work back at work more often
- I need to call/email my friends/family far away from me more often
- I need to open up more
- I need to appreciate folks around me more often

Friday, October 11, 2013

Noble professions...

Have this family I know of whom I meet quite regularly. The Mom is an Elementary school teacher and the Dad is cop at the Sheriff's department. Neither of the professions are known for their pay but both of them contribute positively to the enrichment of the lives of me, my family and others around me.

I've always wanted to be an Elementary school teacher but I don't think I'll ever have the guts to give up my job and take on that profession. It's a dream job that I can always only dream of. Least I can do is look at them and admire them for what they are (and what I'm not). 

Thank you Lizzy's and Lori's, Kris' and Jill's, Ramesh's and Jack's and everyone else out there who are their local hometown heroes. All you folks - cops, firemen, teachers, social workers and many other folks who take care of me and others like me. Here's a bow to you and a hug and a Big Thank You!


Friday, October 4, 2013

M U S T...D U S T...C O B W E B S....

M u s t d u s t o f f t h o s e c o b w e b s
o f f m y e s s e l l a r e a n d t a k e i t o u t
f o r a s h o o t o r t w o
s o m e t i m e s o o n ! ! ! ! !