Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh Deer....

Had a clash with a deer a few months back. It was early morning, around 7:00 AM. I was on my way to my weekend-break-from-everything-routine-that-I-really-look-forward-to thingy. Was going around 45mph and this deer comes and hits me from the side.

It was a full size adult deer with huge antelopes, that crushed through the passenger side windows and cracked the whole windshield up. The passenger side door and front panels were all damaged.

The deer limped over to the side of the road...and died half an hour  later. The van was in the shop for around 3 weeks. They had to replace the whole door, mirror, panels, etc..etc..

Fast forward to this day. I'm probably the best deer spotter in town. I can spot a deer. And his mommy and daddy and brother and sister. Grazing. From half a mile away. At night. On a new moon day. With my left eye! Talk about PTSD!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Had a lot of Mallu folks in college...especially the first two years and many of them had a very thick accent, emphasizing certain syllables and ignoring some of the silent letters.

Some of them were also some of the smartest and hardest working folks in the crowd.

So here's to my long lost mallu friends....

Wend to
The Tempalll
With their

And they had to cross
this Briddddjh
on the way there

(English alphabet doesn't do justice to the lllll......and I remember being told by one of my mallu friends that even I couldn't pronounce the llllll however hard I tried. You gotta have the Mallu gene to say the perfect lllll. Unfortunately I was born with a lllll-less gene.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spent some quality time with my pine cone buddies today...

Been taking my camera for a ride a lot less frequently these days. Today I decided to take him out with me. I had 30 mins to kill and was looking for subjects to shoot when I noticed these pine cones scattered all around me. Spent around 15 minutes with them, up, close and personal; so much so that when it was time to part ways, we were like long lost buddies.

I promised them that I would post their pics and make them famous (They thought I was some famous photographer or something and I did not have the heart to correct them!).

So, here goes...for my pine cone buddies...