Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guest in our bathroom

We had a guest in our bathroom the other night. I was ready to take a shower and find this guy on the bathroom sink. He was bright green in color. I really wanted to take his pic at that time but I was all undressed and the camera was in the other room.

By the time I was done with my shower and had grabbed my camera, he had changed colors! The guest you see in the pic looked bright green in color may be 15 minutes before I took this pic of him!

My wifey is way too scared of anything that crawls or moves or flies that is not human or machine (I think I covered all the exceptions to her scare list). Hence, after I dressed up, my first task was to take this guest out but I did not feel like killing it....afterall he was the subject of my photograph. So, I took a inverted plastic cup and a paper plate to scope him in the cup and let him go out in the lawn. He seemed kinda slow though....probably was his hibernation period?

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