Monday, August 10, 2009

More bananas!

The banana tree seems to be producing bananas non-stop. Every other day I go check it out and there is another bunch of flowers blossoming that would eventually bear fruit. I'm not counting my bananas before they are ripe though.

Random facts about a Banana tree produces only 1 set of bananas in it lifetime. After bearing fruits, the stem that produced the bananas dies and is replaced by one or more stalks.

I can already see 3 more banana trees coming up from the ground! Makes me wonder whether I should have planted this a bit farther away from the wall....

A more technical explanation can be found here

Bananas are fast-growing herbaceous perennials arising from underground
rhizomes. The fleshy stalks or pseudostems formed by upright concentric layers
of leaf sheaths constitute the functional trunks. The true stem begins as an
underground corm which grows upwards, pushing its way out through the center of
the stalk 10-15 months after planting, eventually producing the terminal
inflorescence which will later bear the fruit. Each stalk produces one huge
flower cluster and then dies. New stalks then grow from the rhizome. Banana
plants are extremely decorative, ranking next to palm trees for the tropical
feeling they lend to the landscape.
(18-55 at 26mm, f/16, 5 sec, iso200)

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