Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saving the world, one flush at a time...

Woohoo! All the restrooms in our office recently got upgraded to WATER FREE urinals!

Woohoo! No more forgetting to flush!!

Woohoo! The new urinal itself is ergonomic, sleek and sexy!

Woohoo! It's touchfree and hygenic (although we did not have to touch the older one's either...)

Woohoo! No more feeling guilty about global warming and ozone layer depletion everytime you flush half a gallon of water with your 50ml of  pee!

Woohoo! No more having to think twice about going to pee on the hour, every hour!

Woohoo! My personal public urinal at work saves 40,000 gallons of fresh water per urinal per year!

Woohoo! I was so intrigued about how it works that I had to google it up!

Woohoo! I so wanted to share it with the world (well...at least the 6.25 visitors of my blog) that I took a pic of it with my blackberry while at it!

Woohoo! I'm saving the world, one flush (skipped) at a time.

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