Sunday, May 9, 2010

How many engineers does it take...?

How many Engineers does it take to replace a Ceiling Fan?

-- One to go buy a nice new fan on sale from Costco 

-- One to click some pics of the old fan in attempt to post them on classifieds

-- One to take down the old ceiling fan

-- One to try mounting the new Costco fan only to realize it uses a different mount

-- One to further realize that the Costco fan once assembled couldn't be easily dismantled

-- One to pack up the round peg of the fan  in the square hole of the box with the rod hanging out

-- One to go to Lowes to buy the same brand fan as the existing one

-- One to try mounting the Lowes fan only to realize it uses a third kind of "slightly" different mount

-- One to consider replacing the outlet box after realizing it took almost 4 hours the last time

-- One to give up on the supposedly mini project and decide to call an electrician

-- One to call the electrician.....the Electrician who comes and installs the new fan in less than 30 minutes start to finish

-- One to have his ego seriously hurt, smashed and hung over the new ceiling fan

-- One to pay the electrician more to install than it took to purchase the fan

-- One to post this blog post and go to sleep.

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