Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yahoo in Maliboo or Malibu in Yahu?

Isn't this the dumbest thing ever? An ad of Chevy Malibu occupying the whole background when I try to access Yahoo Mail?

Borderline desperation, IMO. Is yahoo ready to fall? Has it already fallen? According to Alexa, yahoo now falls in a distant fifth position in terms of usage.

Once upon a time, it was THE place to go to for emails, web searches, shopping, news, etc. (at least for me). Now a days, only reason I go there is to check an occasional email that may land there from a contact or an online account that I've been lazy enough not to update with my current id (gmail).

Anyways, my rant was about the background image. Bing always has had one, at least since I started using it (from the Live days)....but it has been some pretty neat photographs which as sometimes very interesting. Google very recently introduced Background images....but they feel very out of place imo. Google looks very neat in plain white background....please please please always keep it option to have a background....and NEVER show me a Chevy Malibu when I go to search for "Underwear sizing guidelines"

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