Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey Fatso!

I've been gradually gaining weight over the last 9 months - around 10 lbs from my then stable weight of 183 - 185 lbs. Over the last couple of years, I have been as low as 180 (+/- 2) to a recently recorded high of 195 lbs. Although it's gone down a couple of lbs since then, it's still above 190 at all times.

I think I know the reasons...
- Remnants of binging on sweets and snacks from back home
- Decrease in exercising to almost zilch
- Late night snackings
- Reaching for the candy jar at work
- Bad sleep habits
- Other changes in lifestyle

I would like to lose the gained lbs and then some. The plan is to get to the 175 - 180 lbs stable weight range by end of this year. This way, it would be more of an mid-year resolution as opposed to a new year resolution and hopefully have a better chance of success!

The plan is to use a somewhat scientific and somewhat disciplined approach in order to achieve this goal.

Some of the things I don't plan on doing....
- Won't follow any "named" diet regime (Atkins, South Beach, low carb, cookie!!)
- Won't go overboard with either diet changes or exercise (e.g. exercise 2 hrs a day, 7 days a week and consume only bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Won't do anything that's not sustainable

What I plan on doing? Few small, simple things I start doing from today for starters...
- Drink more water - try to keep track of qty drunk - Target: 1 gallon/day
- STOP late night snacking
- Wean away from reaching for the candy jar (I have a sweet tooth and I know I cannot completely give up on it)
- Build an exercise routine - at least 3-4 days a week - cardio, weights
- Exercise portion control and attempt to consistently count calories - plan on using caloriecount.about.com
- Sleep at least 6 hrs/night
- Weigh in every Friday and monitor the weight gain/reduction on a weekly basis

I know I'll probably reach a plateau after losing around 5-10 lbs. I'll have to re-visit my plan then and possibly add/restrict additional stuff.

Until then, good luck to me and let's see where this goes!

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