Friday, September 10, 2010

What the font? Google Instant!

So, Google introduced Instant a few days back. Seemingly a progression of Suggest, Google now not only tries to auto fill your search phrases but it also attempts to automatically execute the search for the most likely phrase you are going to search on.

One interesting thing I noticed about Google Suggest and subsequently Google Instant is their censorship of search phrases while suggesting. What the....Font??? Even if I turn off "Safe searching", the results are still censored. If they are trying to save milliseconds off my time, then should they really perform a search on "What the Font"?? Do they really think that's what I'm searching for? Really? Really Really?

Pondering away further...what might be the natural progression to this feature?

Open up gmail, click compose mail...
Bing! Suggested To person: Mom  --- Last email sent 2 years back
Bing! Suggested Subject: I miss you Ma! --- Last 23 emails from Mom had keywords "miss you son"

Wake up in the morning, Google dress suggestion via SMS...
Bing! Wear the purple polka dot shirt today. You got 112 Facebook likes the last time you posted your pic in that shirt.

Google seems to be a really interesting place to be. Sometimes I wonder about the extent of information google has about me. If they dig through the info they have about me, they probably can write up my biography better than any person.

My emails (GMail)...My recently visited places (Maps)...My likes around entertainment (Youtube)....Stocks I'm researching (Finance).....News I'm interested in (News)....Pics I've been clicking (Picasa)....Stuff I've been searching/researching/exploring/sites I've been visiting (Search).....and above all.....CRAP I've been posting (Blogger).

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