Monday, October 18, 2010

Life is a series of left turns...

From home to drop-off, it's just a series of left turns. I'm surprised, I'm not home by the time I'm there!!
Turn by turn account goes thus... (Road name in parenthesis for my reference)
1.  Left.... (WO)
2.  Left.... (OP)
3.  Right.... (PL)
4.  Left.... (HH)
5.  Left.... (WD)
6.  Right.... (WD)
7.  Left.... (TP)
8.  Left.... (FL
9.  Left.... (RT)
10. Left.... (MD)

WTF?  2 out of 10 turns are left turns? 3 of them with stoplights! One might think I'm going round in circles!

The good thing?? Well, my way back is a series of right turns with a couple of lefts (without stoplights) sprinkled in between. If I measure the time, it probably takes me 25% more time to go than to come back!

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