Saturday, July 30, 2011

KenRockwell is boring now :(

It used to be a very good, informative site. But now, most of his posts are about some super expensive leica cameras, vintage lenses, "sales" and "exclusive discounts" at his "favorite" Adorama and other stores.

Just a few minutes back, I went to his website - First page in view only talks about 'SALES' and 'PHOTO TOURS'.(I can go to to browse through all the DEALS and SALES I want)

First pagedown is newsflash about a firmware update for 5D2 and a review on headphones (already starting to get bored)

Next page down is about a new Olympus interchangeable point and shoot camera (wonder how many people come to his site to read his review on a point and shoot camera....I don't)  (Already lost interest)

Subsequent few pagedowns are all boring to the point that I close it and come here to rant about it.

Don't get me wrong. I still really like his site...but there isn't anything new that is worthwhile there anymore. I still go there occasionally to read his past posts on tips for better photography...but just a top header link on his website is enough to take me there.

He may be gaining a lot of new readers with the SLR rage these days (everyone and their mom want to buy an SLR because supposedly it will make them a better photographer) and he is good at reviewing every new SLR and lens that lands on the shelves, especially Canon and Nikon ones - which is a good thing for those who are in the market for one.

Please think of ways to keep your older audience engaged with your photography and tips; and not just be a site for reviews, "sales" and "tours". I get it, your site is your primary source of income and you are good at reminding us of that. In fact, in the past, anytime I needed to buy stuff at Amazon, I used to click through your page so that it sent a few cents your way. But not anymore, simply because I'm rarely visiting your site.

To end this rant (may be I should have started with this...), I want to say - Thank you Mr. Rockwell; you are a supersmart guy and you have helped me a lot in my photography journey. But...

/end rant.

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