Monday, December 31, 2012

iRide, iBike, iClick, iJoy

Yet another nice hour and half of biking today with the kiddo. It was quite chilly in the morning but had warmed up quite well by around 3:30 PM. Today's route took us through John Chestnut Park. This park is a 15 minute bike ride (or 10 minute by car) from our place. It's one of the nicest parks around, with a lot of walking trails, picnic shelters, volleyball courts, play areas, etc.

One of the many wallking trails. Most of the trails don't all bikes but this one did.

This was a part of a walking trail without the "No Bikes" we took our chances...

Showing off my bike. I have had this bike for 7 years now. It is a cheapo Schwinn sub 200 dollar bike but still runs great to this day. Would like to buy a cyclocross one of these days.

Spent a few minutes on this swing. Fun times....

Finally time to head back home....

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