Friday, December 28, 2012

Pressing Matter

I had a pressing matter to deal with. In fact, I had this pressing issue for quite a few weeks now. The pile of matter to be pressed was growing every week until all I was left with were no-iron shirts and polos.

Today finally I decided to face my nemesis - this huge big pile of crumpled weaves of cotton, nylon, polyester and all combinations thereof. After around 3 hours of ironing, I am finally sitting in front of an empty basket.

The final count? 18 shirts, 4 polos, 3 trousers for a grand total of 25 pressing matters, pressed, hung and ready to be sweated in and crinkled!

I think I started to get better at it towards the end of the pile. My hatred towards ironing also seems to have toned down quite a lot. Well, at least until I have to deal with this towering pile in another few months, when I get bored of wearing my non-iron shirts and polos again!

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