Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Been using MapMyRide for over a year now. Has been a great app for the most part. It did all that I wanted from an app in it's category. They have been constantly adding new features, which again for the most part were useful.

However, I'm not sure where it started falling apart. I'm  not sure if it's got anything to do with:
- It being recently bought by UnderArmor.
- Some of the latest features and the frequency it's been added. Has been very frequent lately - Almost a release every month. Did they cut corners to meet the tight release schedules?)
- The integration with the Health App?
- Recent iOS releases causing the contention?
- My phone going bonkers?

Whatever the reason, it's been behaving rather erratically. A crash once a while is acceptable (My code's not bullet proof either). Sadly, it's been crashing all too frequently. The bigger issue however, is that it has been bringing the whole phone to it's knees. After the app gets unstable, it has been crashing the whole phone. Only way to fix it has been to re-boot the phone. %#@$!#%!!

A quick Google search says that I'm not alone to experience this issue. The solution offered (by the app vendor) has been to uninstall/re-install the app. I've done that once and it's helped for a week. But after that it's back to crashing and burning itself and rest of the apps with it. Hello??? Windows called...it wants the soul of Windows ME back!!!

Anyway, won't be using you anymore, dear MapMyRide. You have been great but time to put you to on my 6th page.

Welcome Runtastic Pro. You seem quite promising. Hope you will give me company in the weeks and months ahead...

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