Saturday, October 17, 2015

Peace & music...

Fast moving days,
short nights;
weeks & weekends - competing.
Competing for time, priority, backlog.
Task list, schedules, to-dos;
what to do, what not to.
What's slipping,
slipping through the cracks;
forgotten until it's late, little late, little too late.
Of all these days,
days & nights, spending some time,
few minutes here, an hour there;
listening to music, finding peace.
Peace & tranquility;
Silence in music.
Silence in the sound of music.
Peace, quiet, timelessness;
no hurry, no waits or delays,
just music, rhythm, bass, vocals, strings, air...

Thanks all you musicians and artists out there. Respect, admiration, envy.
Also, thank you Youtube - the best way to discover music without getting butt off seat imo.

Frequent plays from recent times (Will probably come back and reflect at this list some day):
Aao Balma - Coke studio
Bhaja Govindam (MS Subbulakshmi)
Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma (Bhimsen Joshi)
Tunga Teeradi (Bhimsen Joshi)
Aigiri Nandini
Suprabhatam (MS Subbulakshmi)
Vataapi Ganapatim (MS Subbulakshmi)

A tiny work bonus lies in the fact that it gets me closer to music...different kind of music, but it's still music...
Sweet Baby James - James Taylor
Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Good for you - Selena Gomez (ahem)
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
I'm not the only one - Sam Smith
Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson (you guys gave me heartache at work!!)
Lazy Song - Bruno Mars (Love playing this on those lazy days)

Some more...
We will rock you, We are the champions - Queen (bonus - in his short shorts)
Khwaja Mere Khwaja - Rahman (live)
Baby Doll (Had to put this one here!)
Tum Tak - Raanjhana
Konjum Mainakale (memories...)

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  1. :-)

    my current favorites for your each group
    Teerth Vitthal

    Fall out Boy Uma thurman

    Iktara by Tochi Raina