Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you ever shopped at

How about

Today, I fat fingered (or rather misfingered) and typed Rather than luckily bumping into some porn site, I was taken straight to

Either the developers at are very familiar with fat-fingering and registered these fat-finger domains in order to help fellow fat-fingerers like me.....or...well, they fat-fingered while registering their domain :)

Yeah yeah, I get it, most of them register these kinds of domains to avoid cyber-squatters from taking advantage of them but I was pleasantly amused to see my fat-fingering corrected and sent to where my lean fingers were supposed to take me!

(Is there a record for highest number of references to fat fingering in one blog post??)

(Yeah those are my fingers and my nails and I bite bite me!)

(35mm, f/1.8, 1/400s, ISO 1600)
(I just realized after looking at the hi-res pics that I was shooting at wonder the pic is so noisy!)


  1. I actually tried it, and yes, it indeed looks like is prescient.

    also tried and guess the results of the same??

  2. Here's another one: if you move both your hands one to the right of "home," becomes s,sxpm/vp,

    That *also* goes to amazon. Crazy.