Monday, July 13, 2009

I have been taking a lot of pictures...

I have been clicking a lot of pics lately. Over the last weekend, I've probably taken around 200 pics. Out of those, around 25 have come out really good! I think that is a very good strike rate. I have been shooting in full manual mode, with an off-camera flash mounted on a tripod with a shoot-through umbrella.

However, I cannot post any of them here. Almost all of them are photos of people in my life. As a rule, I won't be posting any personal pictures on here (A random guy on the street corner is a different thing....but I have not been shooting outdoors).

I would like to thank the strobist for inspiring me to take the flash off the camera. I really love his website If anyone wants to learn how to light with basic equipment, one must spend some time on his website (that "some" time can very easily change to a big black hole sucking all your just be careful :))

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