Sunday, October 18, 2009

Giraffe at the zoo

Met this giraffe at the zoo the other day.

They had a platform at a height which made it at the same level as the giraffe's head (which is pretty high off the ground, mind you!)

Folks can purchase a cracker from the lady for $1 a piece and feed it to the giraffe.

What a novel money making scheme..."You pay me so that I can sell you a 10 cent cracker for a dollar so that I can let you feed my own giraffe" Whoa!

Anyways, i did not buy any crackers (although they looked appetizing and I was hungry) but I did get to snap a couple of good pics of the giraffe. I need to remember to turn on the flash the next time I shoot animals. The eyes look lifeless without it.

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