Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nice long walk...

(Another pic from the same park, cropped for a better perspective)
Are long walks a thing of the past? I remember going on long walks with my dear buddy during the college days. We used to roam aimlessly for hours, just walking, talking, eating....just walking. It used to be quite peaceful.
These days, I hardly walk without purpose anymore. If I were to chart my walking profile, it would probably look something like this:

I used to bike (motorbike) around a lot. Many times just aimlessly; sucking in the open air and the bugs, suspended particles, unburnt oil fumes and at times water from the rain. Never did I fall ill due to the varieties of exotic alien particles entering my body.
These days, the pollen in Jan/Feb manage to bring me to tears.

I used to xyz a lot too. However, these days, I only abc.

What does this mean? Things have changed for the bad? Have they changed for the good?

Well, neither - things have changed, priorities have changed, there's a stark contrast in what I did then and what I do now. However, the person in me is probably still the same, just evolving over time...

All I know, is that I will be walking down the path...raring to know what's at the next bend...

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