Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"Sorry but I need to screw-up your morning and start running the weekly scan now"
"Umm...can you start a little later"
No response...
"Hello? Can you start a little later please?"
"Uhh...sure! I'll be glad to start later. How much later? One hour or three hours?"
"3 hours please"
"Suuuure! Give me 2 hours to pause what I'm doing"
No response...
Exactly 3 hours 0 mins 0 secs later (an hour after it actually paused #*%&#)...
"Aha! Thought I forgot about it eh? Gotta start the weekly scan now"
"I'm in the middle of something. Can you please start a little later??"
"Aww hour or three hours?"
"One hour should do"
"Suuuuuure! Give me 2 hours to pause what I'm doing. But remember this is your last snooze!"
No response...
Exactly 1 hour later (10 mins after it actually paused)...
"Point of no return! Ready or not....I'm starting the weekly scan now."
"Oh well, go ahead. I'll take a coffee break. How long can a weekly scan take any ways"
2 hours and 6 coffee breaks later
"Ding! I'm done!! No threats detected"
Great! I've my laptop all for myself!!

10 minutes later
"Time to start your monthly virus scan"

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