Saturday, April 18, 2015

A knife for everything, everything for a knife...

I love my knives...but I feel knives are some of the most underrated and unappreciated tools in most households. Figured I'll share my thoughts on what might be some good set of knives to get.

My most favorite of knives by far has been the Victorinox 8" Chef's Knife. I bought this knife over 6 years back and I still continue to use it multiple times a day. It's still priced very reasonably on Amazon - Around $35. I checked my order from Sept 2012 and I paid around $23 for it (whoa - 50% inflation!).

One might say - "$35??? I can buy a 12 piece knife set with wooden block to store them for that money!!!"

While someone else might say - "$35 for a chef's knife??? That's nothing compared to my $219 Shun Ken Onion chef's knife!!"

Some day when I have enough money to burn, I want to buy the Shun Ken Onion. But before that I have quite a few things to burn money on - camera, lens, speakers, you get the drift.

Back to knives, this Victorinox 8" Chef's Knife is really good for your everyday slicing, chopping, etc. It is very well balanced and has a solid feel to it. It's heavy but not too heavy. It was kinda big for the wifey, so I had bought her a smaller version of it - the 6 inch chef's knife but I was not at all happy with it. It  is too light and not nearly as sturdy as the 8" version.

I also bought the Victorinox 7" Santoku knife in 2011 - around 4 years ago. This is my second most frequently used knife and it's light enough for wifey to use as well. She uses it regularly but it's too light for my preference. It's still a good knife though - sharp, shaped well for day-to-day cuts and the granton edge helps prevent the veggies from sticking to the knife while slicing.

These are not serrated knives that most of us in India are used to. Serrated knives don't need sharpening and cannot be sharpened properly. If you have seen those Informercials of "NEVER NEEDS SHARPENING" knives - those are your serrated knives. They may be good for slicing 0.0004mm thick tomato slices but they are not fast enough or smooth enough for your day-to-day chopping and slicing (how often do you need to have a 0.0004mm thin tomato slice, eh?)

These are straight edged knives and these need to be sharpened quite frequently. I sharpen my Chef's knife almost every day before I start using it. I am made fun of at times when I do it - "Do you really need to sharpen it everyday???" - but I still do...and I think it's important to do so.

I don't use a sharpening/honing steel for my sharpening but a simple AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener (again from Amazon). Have had for 5 years now, had paid 5 bucks for it but is still going strong. I just ordered a new sharpener earlier today - KitchenIQ 2 stage knife sharpener - $6 on and it should be arriving on Sunday (Yeah Sunday! Amazon delivers on Sunday now - Ordered Friday night, should be in my hands Sunday night - how cool is that!!!).

Happy knifing. May your edge be true and your blade sharp, forever!

(By the way, new series - Gyaan)

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