Monday, April 20, 2015

The F Word...

One of the kids asked yesterday, "What's for Dinner??"

My smart-ass brain said, "The F Word"

I was smart enough to not let what my brain said convert to what came out of my mouth. I just kept quite and chuckled on the inside. My right brain, however, continued to brag to my left brain about the smartassedness of that unsaid comment.

Fast forward to today, I was browsing Reddit when I bumped into Gordon Ramsay's AMA. It was quite an interesting read. I admire that guy and reading his AMA managed to bump up my admiration for him by a few notches. (AMA = Ask Me Anything = Reddit's way of having folks come and answer questions asked live by fellow redditors)

It was while reading his AMA, that I found that The F Word is a cooking show in UK hosted by Gordon Ramsay and has been going on for almost 10 years now. My right brain was hurt and my left made fun of the right for rest of the day for yesterday's unoriginal comment.

Edit: (removed it yourself if you wanna watch!) PG13 Youtube video of "Gordon talking dirty" (bumped into it while reading his AMA). Hahaha...some people put their editing skills to good use!

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